Foundation & Empire


Foundation & Empire, Isaac Asimov

£200 Small – A3 signed, titled and numbered Chris Foss
An edition of 100 prints
Signed and numbered by Chris

42 x 29.7 cm
16.5 x11.7 inches

Foundation & Empire, Isaac Asimov

£200 Small – A3 signed, titled and numbered Chris Foss
An edition of 100 prints
Signed and numbered by Chris

42 x 29.7 cm
16.5 x11.7 inches

Any questions:  please email Imogene Foss:


Example of a Special Edition print, Chris Foss, August 2011

The Overman Culture

Archival pigment print
Paper weight: 310 gsm
Paper type: Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth
Finish: Matte

Postage via Royal Mail or UPS or Fedex Express

UK – £25
Europe – £35
Rest of the world – £45

per order (i.e the same charge for 1 or 3 three prints)

Shipped in extra strong cardboard tube, print is placed in archival plastic sleeve, wrapped in acid free tissue.

13 reviews for Foundation & Empire

  1. Tom Last

    I bought a A3 Foundation and Empire print for my dad on his 65th birthday earlier this year. Having been a lifelong fan of Asimov’s and Chris’ work, and having passed that love onto me, it was a great gift to be able to give. Both the print and the service received from Chris and Imogene surpassed all expectations and I consider the experience and satisfaction of buying through this site as an exemplar of what buying art online, or anywhere should be. Top marks!

  2. Mark Freke

    I was fortunate enough to receive an A3 Foundation and Empire print AND Chris’ Hardware book from my wife beloved Marie as Christmas gifts today. I am thrilled to add them to my humble collection! My wife commented on how friendly and helpful Imogene was in the transaction for the print and I would also like to pass on my sincere appreciation. If you’re reading this don’t wait, buy a print today, before they are all gone!

  3. Andrew Swaffer

    Sci Fi was an important part of my childhood and I used to love (still do) Chris’ art on so many of my favourite books. To discover that a limited edition print of the Foundation Trilogy was still available was amazing. To see the personal sketch that accompanied it was a complete thrill! I should also mention that the service from Imogene has been exemplary :)

  4. Tracy (verified owner)

    Christmas present for Hubby – delighted with his print. Would also add thanks to Imogen who gave great customer service to ensure it arrived in time

  5. Christina Dirkes

    This print is such excellent quality and we love the sketch along the bottom. When we brought it in to be framed, even the framer commented on the quality of the print. It is clear and bright and we’re glad that we bought it.

    Thank you also for such excellent service and timely responses as we figured out the best fit and size.

  6. Craig Reilly (verified owner)

    I first read Asimov’s Foundation “Trilogy” in late 1983 when the covers of the books had Chris’s artwork on the covers. It was only when i was onto the third book I realised the front covers were all the same picture!
    I was amazed to find not only did Chris have this website but that this iconic artwork was available for purchase.
    Chris was kind enough to sign a dedication for me on my purchase which his daughter Imogene was good enough to organise for me. Well worth the money.

  7. Robert Rixon

    I worked in the studio at Granada Publishing when Chris was producing many of his classic pictures. Although I did not get to know Chris that well, I was lucky enough to be involved in organising the first and only trip to the UK by Asimov himself. At a reception in London, Asimove was presented with the framed original of the Foundation Trilogy painting. Photos were taken, but alas, I have lost them.I have over the years followed Chris’s work and loved every single example.
    On a different note, Chris gave the original of The Naked Sun painting to my then wife. Alsa, her and the painting are no longer with me.

  8. Graeme Andrew

    Other reviewers have already testified to the quality of the print and the professionalism of the online service, and I’ve not the words to properly describe the merits of the art itself, so I’m left trying to express how special it is to me to have a print of this artwork that I grew up with and always, before finding out what Hari and Daneel had been getting up to, hunted out the little [F] somewhere on that spaceship’s hull.

    Whether on the first Asimovs I borrowed from my Dad or, later, ploughing through the first 100 Perry Rhodans he’d collected, it’s rare cover art that will actively delay you from opening a long-awaited book while you absorb and enjoy the detail and weirdness of the bulbous robot, hyper-inflated tyres or insectoid spaceship.

    This was a very thoughtful gift and I’m delighted to have it on my living room wall.

  9. Dan Harboe Burer (verified owner)

    I received this print and chose to spend some money on getting it framed with museum-quality glass in an oak frame.

    The image really brings back memories from when I saw it the first time on the Foundation books as a kid back in the 1980’s. This image has been haunting me though the years until I found this site and finally could afford to order it :)
    I don’t regret doing it. It IS beautiful.

    And it is funny how it looks like my own sketches in style :)

    Greetings from Denmark.


    Over 30 years ago I set up my own company. I was young and had a limited imagination and ended up, with great pride to this day, with the name Foundation, after my favourite books, the original 3 book Foundation & Empire series by Isaac Asimov, probably the world’s greatest science fiction writer, well, if you’re of a certain age.

    Today, we are a rather larger business, but still extensively using the Foundation name, including the original, Foundation Property Company.

    This week, I was very moved to take delivery from the wonderful sci-fi artist Chris Foss and his super helpful daughter Imogene of the numbered and signed 1st of a limited edition of 25 prints of each of the 3 book covers, Foundation, Second Foundation and Foundation & Empire and another of the 3 combined. Chris has been kind enough to hand draw an additional sketch on each and in a couple of weeks’ time, they’ll be framed and on our conference room wall, where most of the team will wonder what on earth they are. But it will and already does make me feel so proud.

  11. Greg Weller

    So very pleased with the quality, speed and communication related to my order. If you are having second thoughts about making an order then don’t and rest assured bigger is always better!

  12. Marc Bates (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with this Foundation print, and I love the added sketch, very special. Thank you

  13. Michelle

    I was looking for a unique present for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday, and knew he is a huge fan of sci-fi artists like Chris Foss. I came across this site and contacted Imogene, who was very accommodating. She advised which print my boyfriend might like, and was even able to organise for Chris to write a small message to my boyfriend on the print. My boyfriend was blown away by his gift! A big thank you to Imogene and Chris for this signature artwork! As my boyfriend put it, “Chris is a legend.”

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