21st Century Foss


21st Century Foss

£200 Small – A3 signed, titled and numbered Chris Foss
An edition of 100 prints
Signed and numbered by Chris

42 x 29.7 cm
16.5 x11.7 inches

21st Century Foss

£200 Small – A3 signed, titled and numbered Chris Foss
An edition of 100 prints
Signed and numbered by Chris

42 x 29.7 cm
16.5 x11.7 inches

Any questions:  please email Imogene Foss:  foss@chrisfossart.com


Example of a Special Edition print, Chris Foss, August 2011

The Overman Culture

Archival pigment print
Paper weight: 310 gsm
Paper type: Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth
Finish: Matte

Postage via Royal Mail or UPS or Fedex Express

UK – £25
Europe – £35
Rest of the world – £45

per order (i.e the same charge for 1 or 3 three prints)

Shipped in extra strong cardboard tube, print is placed in archival plastic sleeve, wrapped in acid free tissue.

7 reviews for 21st Century Foss

  1. Steve

    If you’re like me and grew up with Science Fiction in the 70’s, this is a perfect piece to add to your collection. Totally captures the look and feel of Foss space ships. Stunning print with a very cool illustration at the bottom. Demands to be framed and displayed!

    Great customer service and smooth transaction. A+ recommended.

  2. Michal

    A must have for every sci-fi fan. Great quality, signed and numbered print with sketch at the bottom. I imagine the spaceship travels directly from Asimov’s Foundation.

    Nice contact and very prompt delivery. Highly recommended!

  3. Simon

    If only I had enough money I would buy this in size large but sadly I doubt I will be able to for a while… Now, I just want to give you a little fan-comment bc I want to feel a bit acquainted with the man who has given me a creative childhood. So, when I was 7/8 (10 years ago) my dad showed me his huge bookshelf that had so many different kinds of books. Science Books, Ian Banks, Asimov and, and so many others but non really compared to the great joy of how your 21st Century book effected me. I always loved looking through it, visualizing the great events that occurred in each painting. The colorful and designs that were so different from the hard angled grey and white ships I am so used to. Sadly I feel I wont be able to see you for there is a huge ocean between us, but I just want to say that I really love your art… and that it has effected me so much that I am so glad that my father was able to show me everything you have done. I really love your work Mr. Foss. I hope that someday I can meet you and treat you for a cup of coffee sometime if I ever get a chance to go back to Europe.

  4. Simon Blake (verified owner)

    Like many other’s I had 20th Century Foss as a child. I drew spaceships and built models as a kid that were heavily influenced by this book. The cover image was awe inspiring!

    I now have this hanging on my office wall and look directly at it every day. I now design buildings for a living and this image inspires me. it is a truly stunning piece of work.

    Chris’s beautiful hand drawn sketch below gives it an extra special dimension. I never thought I could get so close to his fantastical world.

    Thank you Chris and thank you Imogen.

    All the best

  5. Ron

    Sparking my imagination for decades, your work has always amazed me. Finally now I can hang a reproduction of one of your great accomplishments on my wall!
    Thank you Chris and Imogene for making these available.

  6. Peter Olsen

    Thanks Chriss and Imogene.
    Very beatiful print of this iconic image.
    Sitting in a nice frame it shines on my wall.

  7. Yanni

    Superb print, so evocative, I love it. Also touched by the sketch Chris added.
    Thanks Imogene

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