The Martian Way and Other Science Fiction Stories, Isaac Asimov, Panther 1974

Hardware: 193

Matthew’s print – New Zealand

Stephen Goldin and E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith (1978). The Bloodstar Conspiracy. Panther.


“Lose It” is the debut single from Detrons, a London based quartet offering a unique brand of intergalactic funk. At once futuristic and retro, Lose It soaks up notes of Parliament, Michael Jackson and James Brown, infused with a contemporary electro edge. With soulful vocals over a deep, funky bassline accented by filtered guitar and vintage synths, Lose It is an irresistible dance floor gem. Featuring production from the Thrillers, featured on Ultra Naté’s recent Billboard Dance/Club top 5 Turn It Up, and vocals from Jill Jones, of Prince fame.