Grey Lensman, EE ‘Doc’ Smith, Panther, London 1972.

EE Doc Smith Grey Lensman

Kevin’s print – with sketch of the Eich walking across their home planet of Jarnevon

Chris answers questions on Flash Gordon

More on Flash Gordon & Dune vehicles

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  1. Kevin Morgan 26/01/2013 at 20:26

    One of the really despicable characteristics of being British is that we never give each other the credit we truely deserve. Its all about ‘one-up-man-ship’and putting each other down. Because of this, when we do produce a person with real ability and talent, in the arts and sciences, they never seem to get recognised or reap the rewards, especially during their lifetime. Another British ‘disease’ is that Science Fiction is considered ‘Kids stuff’: something that will be ‘outgrown’ when we become boring adults. As a nation we have no ‘dream’ and view the future with a mixture of suspicion and fear: which is why Britain never has, is not now and never will be a major player in the exploration of space.So, what chance have you got if you are a talented artist and your chosen subject is Science Fiction in Britain ?
    As a child, I first came across Christopher Foss’s work on the book covers of the Panther editions of the ‘Lensmen’ series by American Science Fiction Legend Edward E. Smith Ph.D. in my school library. The art (and the books) were like a breath of fresh air to someone who had been bored out of their mind by stuffy, churchy middle-class literature by the likes of Enid Blyton and C.S. Lewis. For me, Christopher Foss’s art work captured the Zeitgeist of the Science Fiction genre. Since that time, I have been trying to get copies of his art work from publishers with little success, other than the occasional published book or portfolio or page extracted from a second hand copy of ‘Science Fiction Monthly’ from the 1970’s.
    Now I can get them online: at last!
    In my humble opinion, Christopher Foss is to Science Fiction Art what Chesley Bonestell is to Space Art; the Greatest that has ever lived! When you consider the fact that people like Warren Buffet and George Soros are
    Billionaires, in my opinion undeservedly so, and Terry Nation, Gerry Anderson, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Adams, Roger Price and P.J. Hammond are or were not, again, in my opinion undeservedly so: I’m going to do my best to rectify that situation for Christopher Foss! I’ve just bought a truly excellent quality print of the cover of ‘Grey Lensman’ as my contribution (finances permitting, the first of many) : what are YOU waitng for?
    Kevin! Thanks so much for this heartfelt comment, Chris and I really appreciate it and yes, I can confirm that Chris is not a millionaire! Thanks again for your kind words regarding Chris’ work and I’m really please you like your print and it landed with you in Wales safely (I appreciate the call to action to others to buy prints too!).

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