Foundation and Empire, Isaac Asimov, 1976 Panther, London



Tom’s print

Gary’s print



Alex’s print

Chris on seeing his designs realised in Die Sturzflieger and Flash Gordon


Trev’s A1 print (video below in comments)
Foundation & Empire A1 print

Jeremy’s A2 print

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  1. Trev Edwards 26/04/2012 at 19:46

    I just ordered the larger version of this.

    The reason I love this image is bnecause in 1978, while I was still at school and 15, my parents bought me five boxed sets of Doc Smith and Asimov books, some 23 books, all illustrated by CHriss Foss (I think they were all Foss covers- Skylark, Family Dalembert, Lensman, Early Asimov and the Foundation Trilogy)one Christmas. This reflected the benefits of living in the UK, since I think the US editions had very average covers.

    I collected more as time went on and I still have them.I schlepped those books around as I worked my way through them slavishly. My school blazer pocket became book shaped. Happy days.

    Even though the cover art wasn’t really connected with the contents, the images were inspiring. This triptych has been part of my life for 33 years and I always dreamed – quite literally – of having it as a print. Lovely stuff and worthy of a monumental series.

    Great Sci-Fi series. Great covers. When I hang this on my wall I’ll be fifteen again!

    Trev Edwards, Preston UK
    Cheers Trev, thanks for your post.
    And to recap on my reply to your emailed question in case others are interested: I think Chris’ long suffering art director suggested Chris paint it as triptych so as to increase the possibility of Chris getting the artwork in on time, running late for deadlines was a constant theme for Chris back then!

  2. Trev Edwards 26/04/2012 at 21:04

    I have another question, if I may.

    Although the ships Chris painted come in all shapes and sizes, many of them carry a common symbol, an eight pointed star, rather like David’s star. There is a red one on the rightmost ship in this image. So I always wondered – and I mean *for years* I wondered – was it a signature of his or was there some hint the ships were from a common fleet or civilisation?
    Hi Trev, I will definitely put the question to Chris, hopefully have a video response soon.
    Hi Trev, Here’s the video response.
    All best
    P.S I’m working to improve the video quality, I’ll email you if I fix this.

  3. Trev Edwards 12/05/2012 at 22:27

    I got my Foundation and Empire last weekend and got it framed. Absoloutely fabulous. Can’t get over how beautiful the thing appears… the depth of the colour and precision of the printing is beyond anything I expected. Looking forward to seeing the vide, if one is available, of the customising pencil sketch being drawn.
    Hi Trev
    That’s brill, I’m really pleased you’re so happy with your print & thanks so much for your comment. I’m having a go at learning iMovie so the vids are better edited. should have the latest vids up by Weds. I’ll email you a link. All best, Imogene.

  4. Will 26/12/2012 at 16:22

    I was blown away when my 17year old son gave me a “Foundation and Empire” print for Christmas.
    I read the Foundation trilogy in my early teens having been drawn towards the first book in the series because of the illustration on the cover. I was hooked and read the others. For some reason it was only after I bought the last in the trilogy that I realised the covers formed a triptych. I’ve always loved the picture and promised myself that one day I’d have a print for the wall so when Connor gave it to me on Christmas day framed and ready to hang I was lost for words.

    To have it signed and personalised by Chris makes it unique and extra special. It now has pride of place in our lounge and will soon be complimented by the three books in a frame below it.

    Thank you so much once again to Connor and Imogene for organising this and of course to Chris for this wonderful gift that I will treasure forever.
    That’s brill Will! So glad to hear how happy the print has made you, Chris was really pleased too and thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Very best wishes
    Imogene and Chris

  5. Andrew Paul 01/09/2013 at 09:58

    My sister bought me this print as a birthday present (#7/25), and I’m delighted with it. This picture, on the covers of my mum’s copy of the Foundation Trilogy, is what started me off as a sci-fi fan/geek as a child. Ever since, that’s what spaceships should look like.

    I always liked the way that the ships on the various book covers were essentially context-free. I must have spent as much time imagining what those three ships (and all the others I discovered in later years) were up to – who was in them? where were they going? – as I did simply looking at them.

    It’ll be a little corner of eternity on my living room wall.

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