Spice Container. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune, Paris, 1975
Original artwork: montage of line drawing with ink and acrylic paint on art board

Seona’s print

Dune: Spice Container with Robot Gun sketch


Philippe’s print

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  1. William Brown 14/01/2012 at 17:22

    I couldn’t be happier with this print, the above photos are only really appetisers for the real thing! Absolutely fantastic and the sketch of course makes it unique.

    The print arrived as expected this morning so thanks for that. It’s wonderful to have such a vivid piece of artwork plus the custom sketch and dedication, I’m absolutely delighted with it. The video is special too, it certainly adds something to the otherwise detached experience of purchasing over the internet!

    I’ve been reading the Hardware book this last week and noticed that Chris mentions Stothert & Pitt dockside cranes in his interview with yourself. Nice to know someone else appreciates them, my family home back in Strathearn
    has an old Stothert & Pitt boiler still standing (all 16 ft of it) which was used by my great-grandfather for sterilising soil (it was back then a daffodil nursery of all things!).

    I hope to be back for other prints in the future, it’s just a case of being able to decide from the range available! Once again, thanks to Chris for the print and yourself for the very personable and efficient way in which you’ve handled this.
    Best regards,
    Hi William, that’s great, I’m really pleased and I hope Seona likes it too. Chris will be fascinated to hear about your Great Grandfathers Stothert & Pitt 16ft boiler – and that it’s still standing – it must be quite an imposing piece of machinery. Cheers, Imogene

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