Space Tennis, advertising campaign, J Walter Thompson, France, 1984
Hardware: 132

Ed’s Print

Ed's print, A0 Space Tennis


Dune Portfolio


Chris talks briefly about working on film projects with Giger and Moebius
Adams print

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  1. ed 28/05/2012 at 19:58

    most people collect pieces of art by artists like leonardo da vinci and salvador dali e.t.c

    but not me

    i am ever so grateful that i have been able to acquire a signed custom piece from mr chris foss

    who i hold in high esteem amongst the sci-fi world

    i shall keep it for generations and generations until it’s very art is closer to a reality

    thank you imogene for making this possible

    x x x
    onward foss onward
    x x x

    Thank you Ed, that’s really kind. Hopefully Happy Landings soon for Space Tennis in Cyprus. All best, Imogene
    P.S Chris said that one of the ideas behind the Tennis Court was that it would rock, so the players would be running up and down a rolling tennis court.

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