Mindbridge, Joe Haldeman, Futura, London, 1975. Hardware: 149

Grant’s print

This A3 print is available to purchase (it’s the one in the video Chris is sketching on)

haldeman Mindbridge 2

Chris discusses the Spice Harvester sketch at Head Office

Spice Harvester, April 2012. 4B Pencil on art paper, 32 x 24cm

Chris talks about working with Giger and Moebius

Nebula on Amazon

Turner Spaceship print for John

John & Emma's print

Here’s a flick through of Hardware


  1. JP 11/02/2013 at 23:14

    Mindbridge, one of my favorite Chris Foss painting. It is wonderfull and insane at the same time. There are many differences between the image you show us and the printed cover. It was printed in the 70’s as 24 inches by 36 poster along with 3 more paintings. They are hard to find in good conditions today.

  2. JP - Canada 21/02/2013 at 05:37

    Hi Imogene, I just received today my “Mindbridge” print. The colors are fantastic and the details so crisp, once again I am so amazed by the quality of those prints you offered us. Thank you for your constent care in producing and packaging these treats! JP
    Thanks JP, for your continued support, Best wishes, Imogene

  3. Grant Louden 29/05/2013 at 16:07

    Grant’s print of Mindbridge: one of my all time favourite Foss creations, and possibly his maddest!
    Really comes to life in the prints – the quality of these reproductions is fantastic and miles better than the original book covers. The addition of the landscape and towers sketch doubles the pleasure. Thanks very much.
    Your cheque is in the post! Thanks Grant, much appreciated, I’m really glad you like the print and Chris will be thrilled to hear you’re getting pleasure out his sketch. All best, Imogene

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