Children of the Lens, E.E Doc Smith, Panther Science Fiction, London 1973.


John’s print – Weston Creek, Australia

John’s print

David’s print


Oliver’s print

Joe’s print




  1. David Ronaldson 26/09/2011 at 18:37

    Thanks Chris and Imogene a great print and super custom sketch. Love it. Great service and comms around the purchase as well.



  2. Imogene 26/09/2011 at 18:41

    Cheers David, I’m really glad you like your print and your comment is very appreciated.

  3. Oliver Fox 06/10/2011 at 18:08

    As a kid I remember seeing Chris’s work for the first time and was mesmerised. I react in the same way today. It’s not only their beauty, but the fact that they send you off into your own little sci-fi world to dream about what might be. The opportunity own one of Chris’s pictures along with a unique sketch is something special.

  4. Imogene 07/10/2011 at 12:34

    Thanks Oliver, much appreciated.

  5. Joe Carlson 01/12/2011 at 21:35

    Dear Chris and Imogene,
    What a fantastic print! I love it! My wife bought it for me for my birthday – it’s a wonderful image.
    I have very good memories of seeing Chris’ work in the book “Terran Trade Authority Handbook: Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 AD”. I lived for a year in London as a 9 year old and I got the book as a present. The best thing about the book is the art (although sadly the artists are uncredited), and some of the pieces seem to be distinctly Chris’ work. Anyway, I still have my copy of the book and now I get the pleasure of sharing it with my son (even if it’s a bit dog eared).

    Take care,
    Thanks Joe, I’m thrilled to hear you love the print and thank you so much for the lovely comment. Wishing you a super SF Happy Birthday from Chris and Imogene.

  6. Junior Williamson 25/10/2012 at 15:10

    Hello Chris and Imogene

    It was this sort of artwork that got me into science fiction and then utlimately into science as a career. I have always loved the way Chris imagined the scenes for the book covers and made them memorable.

    Seeing this again has rekindled some of those thoughts of deep space, Lensmen, Ploor, Eddore and ‘the triumph of civilisation’ from that time

    Thank you


    Hello Junior
    Thanks for your comment and it’s lovely to hear how Chris’ work has influenced you. Which field of science are you working in?
    Best wishes

  7. Junior Williamson 25/10/2012 at 17:22

    Hello Imogene

    Thanks. I am a physicist and I help out my engineering colleages from time to time too.

    It was actually the cover of the ‘Masters of the Vortex’ book that caught my eye originally. Is there any chance of a print of that cover becoming available?

    ‘Children of the Lens’ was the second in the series that I’d bought and I went on to buy the rest of the lensman series and more.


    Hello Junior
    I’ll check if we’ve got Masters of the Vortex and get back to you shortly and let you know either way. Do let me know if there are any other artworks you’d like to see on the site too. Being a physicist must be challenging and interesting.
    Best wishes
    Good News, we do have a good transparency of this artwork. I will upload it to the site, if not tonight, then over the weekend.
    Best wishes

  8. Junior Williamson 26/10/2012 at 18:54

    Hi Imogene

    thanks for finding the transparency. I look forward to seeing it here



  9. Uli 14/02/2013 at 09:07

    Dear Imogene,
    It was very sweet corresponding with you regarding the “present for Frank”. Thank you for the beautiful print and Chris’ dedication, signature and the little pencil sketch. I love it and am looking forward to have it framed and hanging on our wall.
    Hopefully we meet you at LONCON 3!! Thanks for those postcards!
    All the best, Uli

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