It’s almost 40 years since the publication of the ground breaking book about sex. Written by British academic Alex Comfort, illustrated by Chris and Charles Raymond. It went on to sell millions of copies globally.  Chris was recently interviewed by Ed Butler for the BBC World Service programme Witness:

and video interviewed by Cordelia Hebblethwaite for the BBC online magazine

You can also listen again on the Witness website. Originally broadcast on BBC World Service, 26th October 2011.


Please email Imogene if you’re interested in purchasing original Joy pencil sketches or prints:


  1. WhatsAmerica 26/10/2011 at 14:51

    loved the (involuntary) pun on the BBC interview clip:


  2. Imogene 10/11/2011 at 23:55

    WhatsAmerica, you are a caution!

  3. Scott 25/11/2011 at 03:53

    I had no idea Chris Foss did the artwork for The Joy Of Sex, it seems like quite a departure from his usual style.

    You learn something new every day.
    Yes, about as far away from spaceships as it’s possible to get! Cheers, Scott

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